History of CAZ Investments

CAZ Investments - History of CAZ Investments

CAZ was founded in 2001 with the backing of some of the most respected and successful families in the state of Texas. Since our inception, we have focused our efforts on finding excellent opportunities to invest our personal money and then providing the ability for our clients to co-invest with us. We exist to provide Access to Innovative Investments.

Over the years we have evolved our business model to be quite different than the vast majority of other investment management companies in a couple of ways.

First, we always invest our personal capital alongside our investors. We have more than $200mm of our personal capital committed to our investment vehicles. We provide our investors access to co-invest with us in these vehicles that we believe will provide the best opportunities for our family’s money.

Second, because of the scale of the investments that we make, we have access to opportunities that would otherwise not be available to families with less than $250mm - $500mm of investable assets. Quite simply, there are many investments that we can provide for our clients that they could never access on their own.

Third, and what we think is the most unique feature of our firm, is that almost all of our compensation is earned only if a our investor makes money. In most cases, if you don’t make money we don’t get paid. This ultimate alignment of interests is why we focus on finding the absolute best risk/reward opportunities available.