Family Offices

CAZ Investments - Family Offices

CAZ Investments co-invests with Family Offices to provide them with access to investment themes and opportunities that are generally unavailable to the vast majority of investors. We also can provide access to ideas and opportunities that may supplement the work that is done by the internal research team. There are simply too many potential investment vehicles for the staff of a traditional family office to possibly evaluate thoroughly. CAZ can serve in an adjunct research role for the families that we work with and then provide the ability for the family to co-invest with us in the vehicles that we choose to invest our own capital.

Our typical family office client has a net worth greater than $100 million. They usually have an entrepreneur mindset where they understand risk vs. reward and are very comfortable investing in multiple asset classes in order to maximize the opportunities available to them. Some of the families have large internal investment staffs and others have very small staffs.

Our relationship managers are very comfortable working with many types of family offices. We will do everything we can to provide massive value to those we work with via the service that we deliver as well as the way we provide Access to Innovative Investing.