High Net Worth Families

CAZ Investments - High Net Worth Families

CAZ Investments co-invests with High Net Worth investors, providing them access to an investment approach that is generally unavailable to the vast majority of families.

Our typical client has a net worth between $10 million and $250 million. The families we co-invest with usually fall into one of two categories that we refer to as Holistic Clients and Selective Clients.

Holistic Clients typically have the vast majority of their investable assets co-invested with CAZ. We orchestrate a barbell approach to their asset allocation and reposition the assets among our vehicles based on changes in the family’s needs and dynamics, as well as market conditions.

Selective Clients generally invest in various CAZ vehicles to augment other relationships they have and to get access to investment themes and opportunities that other advisors cannot provide for them.

Regardless of which category a family may fall into, they can feel comfortable knowing they are investing their assets in vehicles right alongside our personal money. Our relationship managers are very comfortable working with both types of clients.