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Trillions of investable dollars have been flowing into Private Equity, Private Credit and Private Real Estate for the past 4 decades.

There is currently over $10 trillion in assets being managed, and this number is expected to grow to over $18 trillion by 2027 (according to Preqin).

While investors will certainly benefit, the greatest beneficiaries are the asset managers themselves. These alternative investment managers receive handsome compensation in the form of management fees and performance fees, making the asset management business a very lucrative one.

So how can we capitalize on the growing long-term trend of alternative investments?

The answer is simple: we seek to own a minority stake in the actual business of high quality, profitable asset management firms.

This is called a “GP Stake,” as we become an owner of the General Partnership itself. This means we sit shoulder-to-shoulder with the existing owners and management teams of these firms so that we too are the beneficiaries of the fees they collect and the overall growth of their businesses.


The CAZ General Partner Ownership Fund (“GPO”)

The “GPO” Fund owns a diversified and growing portfolio of minority equity stakes in more than 60 distinct private market asset managers. The Fund is designed to provide investors with the following benefits…
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    Attractive current income (paid monthly) that is created by robust cash flow generation from management fees, carried interest and balance sheet profits of the underlying firms

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    Substantial diversification across the types of firms we own (Private Equity, Private Credit, Private Real Estate, etc.), the size, sector, style, geography and vintage exposure of each firm

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    Upside optionality from the increase in enterprise value, as private managers continue to grow their businesses

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    Downside protection and consistent revenue generation from contractually-obligated management fees


The Firms We Own by the Numbers

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    Underlying private market partner managers

  • $0B

    Average assets under management

  • $0T+

    Total assets under

  • $0B+

    Locked-in management fees over next 12 years

Offers of a limited partnership interest in the CAZ General Partner Ownership Fund, LP will be offered only to qualified investors pursuant to a Private Placement Memorandum. This summary does not contain a description of the risks of an investment in the Partnership.

Firms We Own a Minority Stake In

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Historical Performance

  • $2.7B

    Net Asset Value (as of Q2, 2024)

  • +8.07%

    Annualized Returns Since Inception (12/31/2023)

  • +2.00%

    Quarter to Date (Q4 of 2023)

PAST PERFORMANCE IS NOT NECESSARILY INDICATIVE OF FUTURE RESULTS. Historical examples shown do not, nor are they intended to, constitute a promise of similar future results. Each investor’s return will vary based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to fees & expenses, timing of subscriptions and DRIP elections. The performance above represents the hypothetical experience of an investor paying a 1.75% management fee & 20% incentive fee. Standard rates range from 2.25% to 1.75% for management fees and from 23% to 20% for incentive fees. Investors with different fee structures will have different performance. The information and statistical data contained herein have been obtained from sources that we believe to be reliable but in no way are warranted by us as to accuracy or completeness. Performance information is preliminary only and subject to confirmation by an audit. As of 12/31/23. See performance of previous
GP stakes vehicles

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