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CAZ has 20+ years of thematic investing experience.

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CAZ has deployed over $3 billion across the private equity landscape over the last 6 years. We have partnered with numerous institutional firms to deliver unique thematic opportunities to our investors, with diversification across strategy, sector and geography.

Private Credit

CAZ offers customized solutions that give investors access to top-tier private credit managers, often with superior economics and lower minimums, by leveraging our global network’s purchasing power.

Risk Mitigation

Portfolio protection against a severe decline in global equities markets can provide investors the ability to substantially reduce the risk in their portfolios. With interest rates on the rise, bonds may not provide the perceived protection they once did and thus, one must consider a different approach.

Special Opportunities

CAZ participates in a wide variety of thematic private opportunities, including disruptive technology, revolutionary healthcare, esports, and more.

We provide opportunities that are typically unavailable anywhere else.

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Private Equity vs. Public Equity

Sources: The Cambridge Associates US Private Equity Index is a horizon calculation based on data compiled from 1,387 US private equity funds, including fully liquidated partnerships, formed between 1986 and 2021.
1 Private indexes are pooled horizon internal rate of return (IRR) calculations, net of fees, expenses, and carried interest. The timing and magnitude of fund cash flows are integral to the IRR performance calculation. Public indexes are average annual compounded return (AACR) calculations which are time weighted measures over the specified time horizon, and are shown for reference and directional purposes only. Due to the fundamental differences between the two calculations, direct comparison of IRRs to AACRs is not recommended. For a more accurate means of comparing private investment performance relative to public alternatives, see the analyses on using CA Modified Public Market Equivalent (mPME).
Sources: Cambridge Associates LLC, Bloomberg, Standard & Poor’s.
PAST PERFORMANCE IS NOT A GUARANTEE OF CURRENT OR FUTURE RESULTS. Historical examples shown do not, nor are they intended to, constitute a promise of similar future results. The information and statistical data contained herein are taken from sources believed to be accurate and have not been independently verified by CAZ Investments. Historical examples are provided for information purposes only and are not intended to represent any particular investment.

The Relentless Hunt for Yield

“As we enter 2021, investors are fleeing low yield public credit markets in favor of private debt. We expect this to be an accelerating trend.”
– JP Morgan, Public Credit Outlook

Sources: U.S. Department of the Treasury, Bloomberg, Cliffwater, Municipal Bonds = Bloomberg Barclays Municipal Bond Index, Investment Grade Bonds = Bloomberg Barclays US Corporate Bond Index, Syndicated Bank Loans = S&P/LSTA Leveraged Loan Index. High Yield Bonds = Bloomberg Barclays US Corporate High Yield Bond Index. Private Market Loans = The Cliffwater Direct Lending Index - Senior Only. All Data as of 12/31/21

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