CAZ Covered Combo Fund

  • Type: Liquid Fund
  • Minimum Investment: $500,000
  • Strategy: Equity Alternative
Executive Summary

Why This Fund?

The CAZ Covered Combo Fund (“CCO”) provides direct exposure to our major themes via positions in the liquid markets.
For the first time since the Global Financial Crisis, markets dislocated in a significant way  in 2020 and volatility has remained elevated. We believe investing in major themes that have significant tailwinds, while profiting from the spike in volatility, will provide superior returns when compared to plan vanilla equity investments. CCO is designed to outperform the S&P 500 on a risk-adjusted basis. The Fund’s methodology utilizes long equity positions that are based on themes that we identify, while applying our 30+ years of options experience overlaying positions with Covered Combos. Additional highlights include:
  • Target 10% annual cash flow yield from option premiums and dividends
  • 10-20 thematic positions diversified across theme, sector, capitalization and geography
  • Opportunity to acquire very attractive assets at material discounts to early 2020 prices
Purpose & Objectives
  • The CAZ Covered Combo Fund seeks to outperform the S&P 500 on a risk-adjusted basis by utilizing long equity positions that are based on themes that we identify, while utilizing our 30+ years of options experience overlaying positions with Covered Combos
  • The Fund will aims generate an annual cash flow yield from option premiums and dividends of at least 10%
  • Investors may enter and redeem with weekly liquidity
  • The Fund typically consists of 10-20 thematic positions, diversified across theme, sector, capitalization and geography
  • Investors have access to full transparency of all portfolio positions
Why Sell Options?
For the first time since the Global Financial Crisis, volatility has skyrocketed:
  • This elevated volatility creates the opportunity to collect very high option premiums by selling options
  • It is estimated more than 75% of all options held to expiration end up expiring worthless
  • Put option premiums are very much like insurance premiums, whereby the buyer attempts to protect him or herself from a potential adverse event and is fully expecting to lose money on the cost of that insurance (homes, cars, etc.)
  • Call option premiums are very much like gambling, where the buyer typically is speculating on a specific outcome
  • Investors can earn income, and protect their downside, by collecting option premiums from speculators similar to the house vs. the gambler, and from those purchasing portfolio insurance
Covered Combos
According to a frequently cited research publication*, Covered Combos typically produce higher average returns when compared to simple stock ownership, in 90% of tested results. The advantages of the Covered Combo are numerous, but the primary reasons they are utilized are:
  • The receipt of two different option premiums, both of which benefit from the natural time decay of options
  • Immediate receipt of the premiums reduces the cost of the position, leading to higher percentage returns based on no change in the underlying security
  • The proceeds from the option premiums create significantly lower break-evens for the position, compared to simple ownership
  • If the investor is required to purchase more of the security as a result of the Put being exercised they are buying more of a security they already like, at a material discount to their original purchase
  • The outperformance band of a Covered Combo position can be extremely large, providing for a much higher probability of outperformance
  • The empirical data clearly shows the propensity of Covered Combos to outperform simple security ownership
  • This is logical, because of the immediate advantage that is received from the sale of multiple options that will lose 100% of their time value when they reach expiration
*Source: The Performance of Options-Based Investment Strategies: Evidence for Individual Stocks During 2003─2013 (Dr. Michael L. Hemler, Notre Dame and Dr. Thomas W. Miller, Jr., Mississippi State)
Sample Position
For a Covered Combo, the investor owns the security and sells BOTH a Call and a Put against that position, which obliges the investor to sell the security at a set price and to be willing to buy more of the security at a set price, both for a specific period of time.
  • This illustration compares the results of a simple purchase of JPM at $85.08 to a position created by the investor selling BOTH the JPM Jan 70 Put for $12.96* and the JPM Jan 100 Call for $9.99
  • The dotted blue line illustrates the profit/loss of simple stock ownership
  • The black line illustrates the profit/loss curve of the covered combo
  • The green shaded area represents prices at which the covered combo outperforms simple stock ownership


  • OBJECTIVE: Capital appreciation with significant cash flow
  • MINIMUM INVESTMENT: $500,0001 (Qualified money accepted)
  • SUBSCRIPTIONS: Accepted weekly from Accredited Investors
  • MANAGEMENT FEE: 0.75%1,2
  • REDEMPTIONS: Weekly with 3 business days notice
  • K-1 TIMING: Expected late spring
  • ATTORNEY: Jackson Walker LLP
  • AUDITOR: Deloitte & Touche LLP
  • ADMINISTRATOR: PartnersAdmin LLC

1Smaller amounts may be accepted at a different fee structure.

2Breakpoints may be available for larger investments.

1 Smaller amounts may be accepted.
2 Breakpoints may be available for larger investments.

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